Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Endless Possibilities

There are numerous ways to customize your home to make it a unique space that shows your personality. One of the cool ways is custom appliances! Did you even know it was an option? Play around with this tool on the Viking website to create a range that is all you!

You get to select all of the following items;

1) Finish Color
2) Trim Color
3) Size
4) Fuel Type
5) Burner Configuration

Viking Website Link...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Encore, Encore, Encore!

Diane just returned from an inspiring Interior Design conference at the Encore in Las Vegas. We want to share with you some photos of this magical place and a little background info on the design of it.

Prior years the conference has been held at the beautiful Wynn Hotel. Last year we got to hear from Roger Thomas; the Interior Designer that created the masterpiece of the Wynn.

Click here for Roger Thomas’ Bio

He was very excited to share interesting facts about the Wynn’s designs. He also told us how he couldn't’t wait to top himself again by making the Encore even better and creating more unique concepts to bring to life. We wanted more so they gave us an Encore performance!

Upon returning from the Encore Diane spoke about the look and feel…

“Everywhere you look your eyes are filled with creative inspiration!”

“The guestrooms are 1940’s Hollywood art Nuevo feel.”

“Butterflies everywhere.”

“Lot’s of Bright colors and lots of deep red.”

There was a peacock made out of crystal!”

“There were tons of cool knobs on walls and furniture pieces.”

“The window treatments in the rooms are all on remote control.”

Las Vegas is sensory overload and there are amazing things everywhere you look, but the Encore is a step above the rest. Now take a look at the photos and let us know what you think…

Every detail is so thought out.

Even when you look out your window down below there is a design element to surprise you!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Splashing in the Water!

We have all seen the typical sink styles but do you really want exactly what your neighbors have? Make your sink a statement and create the WOW factor!

Let’s start with Vessel sinks!
Vessel sinks are definitely the most exciting of all the sinks. They come in many different shapes, sizes and materials.

Hand painted porcelain
On to Kitchen sinks!
The best route for a kitchen sink is under mount and a single bowl. Check out the ways you can have fun in the kitchen.

We are really stretching your imagination now. Check out these crazy sinks.

We want you to remember that the possibilities are endless and our resources are endless! We hunt for the best stuff out there and know how to find it!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"I want it before the Holidays!"

Now is the time! Time for what you ask? It is time to start planning for your Holiday company.

Every year beginning in the middle of September and throughout October everyone calls us and says the same famous words. “I need it all done before the Holidays!”
The kids have settled back into school and life is returning to the normal routine. You begin to think about the upcoming Holidays and all the parties with friends and family that will be coming into your home. If you wait until October to start planning your projects then you are waiting too long and risking the chance of not having everything in place. That new sofa and the new window treatments that are the finishing touch to warm up the room; they might not arrive in time. Fabrics & furniture can go on backorder. Work rooms get backed up with lots of work and contractor’s schedules begin to fill up. So start planning now and guarantee that your home will the be the inviting, warm holiday retreat that you can be proud of.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Make Me Over!

It's amazing how your environment can affect your mood. Changing your space can change the way you feel. It's like a makeover for your house and you!

Check out all these great photos of a Kitchen remodel we completed.




Can’t picture it?
One of the great tools we use to illustrate our ideas is by bringing them to life with computer aided drawings. These images are a great way to see the space and what it will look like before any of the works begins. It is amazing how much this helps out our clients.

Still cant imagine the end result?
We can also create a virtual walk through of your home. This will showcase how the space will flow.
Updating your home is not as hard to imagine when there are professionals involved to guide you along the way.
It can actually be fun!