Thursday, August 13, 2009

"I want it before the Holidays!"

Now is the time! Time for what you ask? It is time to start planning for your Holiday company.

Every year beginning in the middle of September and throughout October everyone calls us and says the same famous words. “I need it all done before the Holidays!”
The kids have settled back into school and life is returning to the normal routine. You begin to think about the upcoming Holidays and all the parties with friends and family that will be coming into your home. If you wait until October to start planning your projects then you are waiting too long and risking the chance of not having everything in place. That new sofa and the new window treatments that are the finishing touch to warm up the room; they might not arrive in time. Fabrics & furniture can go on backorder. Work rooms get backed up with lots of work and contractor’s schedules begin to fill up. So start planning now and guarantee that your home will the be the inviting, warm holiday retreat that you can be proud of.