Monday, November 17, 2008

Step Up your Countertop Game!

Decisions, decisions, decisions!
We make lots of them every day, all the time.

But there are so many products out there to know about and new ones pop up every day!

With granite countertops alone there are endless options…
So here is some info to step up your granite countertop game.

The facts:
Formed from liquid magma
Solidified deep within the earth
Found on all continents
Has the durability of a diamond
Comes in countless colors and patterns

Natural stone varies so much the product can change depending on when it was taken from the ground. Granite comes in a large slab & you get to pick out your actual slab.

It’s decision time!
When selecting your favorite look there are many more things to consider.

Scale of Design?
People within the industry refer to some granite as to “having lot’s of movement” or being “salt & pepper”. This is describing the scale of the pattern in the stone.

"Salt & Pepper"

"Lot's of Movement"

2 cm or 3cm?
You can get your slab in a 2 centimeter or 3 centimeter thickness.
To use the correct lingo though you should call it 2cm or 3cm to sound like you are in the know.

Polished, Satin or Honed?
Polished is a smooth, shiny & reflective with richer and darker colors leaving your countertop sealed and easier to keep clean and free from staining.

Satin is the middle of the road with a light gloss. It is a relatively new option.

Honed is a smooth, matte surface without reflection. The depth of color is decreased but a more natural look is created.

What edge detail do you prefer?
It’s in the details! The edge you pick to have fabricated will help in creating the look you are going for.

So now you are wondering, which granites tend to be more expensive?



Granite with lots of movement

What about less expensive?


Salt & pepper

Having beautiful granite countertops in your home will definitely increase your resale value.
And it makes you feel pretty special too!

If you would like to learn more about granite or other alternative surfaces like marble, quartz, concrete, slate, travertine or limestone contact Diane Keaton Interiors.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Let's stay in tonight"

The number one question we get asked right now is;
"are you staying busy with this economy?"

The answer is YES!
Everybody and their mother is doing a remodel;
maybe even your mother!

People are not going out as much so they are bringing the luxury into their home.

They are wanting their house to be an escape or a getaway.
We are seeing people wanting the extra goodies put into their home.

The more luxury in your home
the more often you will find yourself saying
“Let’s stay in tonight.”

Home Theaters
Bring the movie theater into your home

Surround sound

Dim lighting

Comfy seating

Spa Bathrooms
Create a luxury retreat at home

Soaking Tub

Heated Floor

Steam shower

Bedroom Retreats
Romantic spaces

Mood Lighting

Plush bedding

Hotel Like Living Rooms
Feel like you are at a hotel

Luxurious Space

Impress your guest

Wine Cellars and Cigar Rooms
Keep your wine and cigars at a close reach

Chilled wine

Smoking room

Outdoor Living Spaces
Bringing the outdoors in

Full Gourmet Kitchen

Fire up the grill

fire pits

comfy seating

Having people over instead of going out

Dinner Party


What luxuries do you wish were in your home?